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Grapevine Talent Recruitment offering:

For clients that want to outsource the whole recruitment project, we offer:

Having the right sales, administration and office support talent in place is essential to deliver on business strategies and to drive the company forward.  Recruitment strategies vary greatly from one business to the next and the same can even be said for filling different role types.  At Grapevine Talent, our focus is on understanding ‘unique talent factors’ and ‘real life organistational experiences’ which has strongly shaped our recruitment approach and underpinned our overall success.

By engaging in partnership with Grapevine Talent, our business model offers flexibility, highly desirable in today’s fierce and dynamically changing job market. Grapevine Talent's knowledge and experience recruiting senior level roles across diverse business sectors and organistaions means we have a strong awareness of cultural idiosyncrasies, markets trends, future-proofing and employee value propositions.

With a seriously impressive network of the most sought-after local talent, our niche talent agency will handpick the best sales talent to fit your staffing needs.

We’ve got connections for you to hire sales talent right now. And through it all, we will be by your side to keep things running smoothly


Grapevine Talent's Consulting offering:

For clients who already have internal recruitment processes or clients who would like to establish an internal recruitment capability, we offer:

Some businesses have an in-house recruitment team that take care of the entire end-to-end process from advertisement through to arranging induction. If your organistaion prefers to conduct their own recruitment, Grapevine Talent offers a range of consulting services to support you should you not have time to do it all, including:

  • Your vision;

  • Values and Culture

  • Talent Forecasting

  • Job Profiling

  • Selection

  • On-boarding and Succession Planning

Grapevine Talent can either complement or wholly undertake recruitment activities and incorporate strategies that result in more efficient and effective recruitment outcomes.  


Grapevine Talent's HR/HRD offering:

For clients that want talent for HR/HRD one off or short term projects, we offer:

Grapevine Talent can connect clients with some of the most experienced Consultants, Corporate Coaches, Trainers, Facilitators, Corporate Actors and Speakers.

The 3 focus offerings:

Executive Coaching (EC) – one on one executive coaching (EC) with some of the best coaches in the business world.

Bureau of Speakers (BOS) – entertainment, conferences, leadership development/Innovation/change programs. We have some of ‘best in class’ talent available.

Contracting/Casting offering (CO) – established network and stable of top talent Coaches, Facilitators/Actors/Trainers. 

 Some of the programs may include and not limited to:

  • Role-play expertise with professional actors

  • Executive Coaching

  • Presentation Skills

  • Strategic Negotiation Skills

  • Leadership development

  • Strategy developement

  • Leading change

  • Developing talent