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About Grapevine Talent..

Grapevine Group started life in 2007 but a lot has changed since its inception. Over the last 12 months we've developed more sophisticated dimensions to our service offering and changed our business name to Grapevine Talent. We are now specialists in the recruitment of talent to SME’s.



Our story developed 20+ years ago from our previous experience in the human factor. With a deep understanding of sales, consulting, leadership, people & organisational development and a passion for selecting teams, Grapevine Talent brings to their assignments an understanding of “what is important”, how to influence outcomes and facilitate practical and sustainable recruitment solutions to businesses and candidates alike..


Connecting, supporting and growing teams across the SME space. We optimise the power of “the vine” and connect and support the growth of people through recruitment, search expertise, strategic consulting and quality career coaching. 


To provide high-quality, value-for-money recruitment solutions to SME’s. If you’re looking to build your sales or administration team, Grapevine Talent can reach those high fit, hard to reach candidates.


Best Practice Content - We conduct best practice processes ensuring relevant and up-to-date recruitment and coaching content

Best Practice Methodology - We offer a proven implementation approach ensuring outcomes, attitude shifts, commitment and results are achieved

Industry Experience - In-depth experience working across all sectors within sales & marketing, leadership, management consulting, people & organisational development and project management ensuring we understand how a business functions

Partner Experience- Partner with business consultants that have a strong and proven understanding of people and what makes them tick

Delivery Capability - We have the capacity and experience to deliver a consistent, robust, personalised recruitment and coaching offering

ROI - We will assist to maximise results and achieve a sustained ROI and consistent recruitment placements as well as ongoing coaching and development 

Geographical Scope - Clients have included Fortune 500, Govt and Not-For-Profit Organisations. Our focus is now on Small to Medium Emerging Enterprises (SME’s).